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Can I get glasses on my benefits?

Whether you're able to get glasses on your benefits will depend on the vision plan you're currently on. Luckily a majority of these vision plans do cover a portion of your glasses and even eye exams.

Take advantage of those benefits you have worked so hard to get!

It’s easy.

We can bill to most major plans on your behalf. Some of the insurance providers we commonly work with include Pacific Blue Cross, Sunlife, Manulife and Great West Life. Don’t see your plan listed here? Have a look at some of the other providers we work with here. Or contact us to get some more information.

● Keep in mind that every policy is unique to how your employer has it set up.

Some tips to make your experience at the optometrist's office as smooth as possible:

1. Contact your benefits provider before booking a service and ask for details

regarding how much of the service they will pay for and if you are currently

eligible. Check if your vision plan requires you to pay a deductible.

2. When booking, let us know who your insurance provider is so that we can verify it is a

company we already work closely with.

3. Not all vision plans or services are eligible for direct billing and some companies will

request to review the submission. This means you may have to pay for the

service in full and submit to your benefits provider, online, through their app or via mail.

Has it been a while since your last eye exam with an optometrist?

Book yourself in to be seen by one of doctors. Give us a call +1 250 591 1018.


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