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Free Eye Exams Offered to Local Homeless, Low-Income Families in Nanaimo, BC

Check out this follow-up article by NanaimoNewsNOW on Eye Plus’s partnership with Salvation Army’s New Hope Centre to provide free eye exams to local homeless and low-income families at a free event in downtown Nanaimo, BC.

Over 30 people took advantage of a free eye exam on Saturday, July 24, offered by the Salvation Army’s New Hope Centre and Eye Plus.

“This is totally life changing, I have been trying to get my eyes done. I’m on disability and I can’t afford it. These guys have helped me out huge.”

Dr. Gary Jassal from Eye Plus was one of the two optometrists who volunteered their time for the event. For Dr. Gary Jassal, this was an opportunity to refer patients, direct them on proper care and refer to any concerns.

“It’s not just glasses…we have also seen things that have just been unflagged because some people have no opportunity to get an eye exam.”

Exams and, if necessary, prescription glasses were all offered for free. New eyeglasses and lenses were provided by Essilor Canada and those needing them will return in a couple of weeks to pick them up. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Essilor Canada for all their support as well as Axis Medical for providing the advanced equipment to allow us to provide the highest level of care!

Since opening the doors to Eye Plus, Dr. Vick Panesar has always wanted to put on events like this to give back and lend support to those in need in our local community.

“There is coverage sometimes for ministry patients but a lot of times it doesn’t cover the full amount. There’s quite a few people out there who need some sort of a corrective device and this is our chance to help provide that for them.”

Yvonne Burrows the executive director with the Salvation Army said this is the third year for the event and turnout is always strong.

“It’s pretty exciting, this is allowing clientele that normally might not get adequate eye care to actually have it done.”

All eye exams were provided through appointments through the New Hope Centre.


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