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Watery Eyes or Dry Eyes. Which is it?

Have you had a doctor tell you your watery eyes are actually because they’re dry? Sounds a bit contradictory doesn’t it?

To understand how these two are linked, we need to understand the feedback system the eyes use to keep the surface slippery and slick. Our corneas (the window-like structure in front of the iris) are home to one of the densest nerve supplies in the body, so naturally also making them one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies. These nerves are able to detect how dry the surface is, and in doing so send a signal to the brain. This signal activates tear production. In a dry eye patient, this system can at times get a bit overzealous with its tear production, causing the tear glands to overproduce tears, hence causing them to spill over and out onto your cheeks!

Dry eyes aren’t the only cause of watery eyes. Other examples are allergies, infections and drainage obstructions. If you’ve been experiencing watery eyes, book in and speak to one of our optometrists today.


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