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Eyes constantly watering?

Could be Dry Eyes!

Dry Eyes come with a many many different symptoms, or sometimes none at all! This is why it can be a difficult condition to understand.

One of the most confusing is the symptom of watery eyes! I know, a bit odd to think watery eyes could be due to Dry Eyes. This is because, if the nerves on the front surface of the eye detect dryness, they will send a signal to the brain to produce more tears. This response can sometimes be a bit overzealous and cause the eyes to overflow. Moreover, these "reflex tears" aren't of the greatest quality, so they won't be sticking around very long! It is important to treat the underlying cause of Dry Eyes otherwise this can continue on as a chronic problem.

Watery eyes can be caused by many other problems some more serious than others, so it is important to see an optometrist or ophthalmologist for a thorough assessment of your eyes if you're experiencing these symptoms.

Here at Eye Plus we take Dry Eyes very seriously, book in and talk to one of our optometrists to see if Dry Eye Treatment is right for you.


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