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3 Great Reasons To Buy Your Next Pair Of Glasses From a Local Nanaimo Optician (Instead of Online!)

Online shopping has made it easier than ever to purchase virtually anything you want, including eyeglasses. Buying eyeglasses online does have its advantages: you have a large selection of frames to choose from, they often cost less and you can purchase them without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. You may think, as long as your glasses are the right prescription, they’ll work, right? Not always the case. If you are currently in need of a new pair of prescription eyeglasses, here are a few reasons why you should avoid buying them online and visit your local Nanaimo optician’s office instead:

Your prescription may not be accurate

Buying online isn’t a good choice for everyone, especially if you have a strong or complicated prescription. As eye care specialists, it is the optician’s job to ensure you receive the perfect fit based on the precise measurements prescribed to you by your eye doctor. When ordering eyeglasses or contacts online, the consumer is responsible for entering in their prescription with often no secondary check. This runs a high risk of entering typos, inaccurate or outdated information. These errors can cause you to receive eyeglasses with the wrong prescriptions, which can lead to eyestrain, double vision and headaches.

You may not receive the right fit

There’s a ton of frame styles to browse online, but it’s hard to know which frames will best fit your face. Sure, some websites allow you to virtually “try on” glasses, but you won’t know how comfortable they will feel. You may receive glasses that slide down the bridge of your nose or rest too tight on your ears. Trying on glasses in person makes it much easier to find a pair that looks and feels good. When shopping in-store, you can browse through a range of frames and our Nanaimo opticians will help you select the correct eyeglasses for your face shape and lifestyle. If you find a pair you love, but don’t quite fit right, you can always get your frames adjusted by our friendly optician or stylists to ensure you receive the perfect fit.

You may not receive the quality you expected

We all know that when you buy things online, you don’t always receive the quality you expected. The same is true for eyeglasses. Many online retailers use the cheapest materials available, which means it may not take long before your new eyeglasses break or the lenses fall out. When you purchase glasses in-store from a Nanaimo optician, you know that you are receiving quality manufactured eyewear from the top eyeglasses brands approved by eye care specialists.

Ready to visit your local Nanaimo optician?

At Eye Plus, we carry a range of frames from the top eyeglasses brands, including Ahlem, MOSCOT, Illesteva, Raen, MODO, Vera Wang, and more. If you need a new pair of glasses, stop in and visit our Nanaimo opticians today. We’d be happy to show you through our selections, make recommendations on frame styles and colours, and help you select the best eyeglasses to fit your lifestyle.

Book yourself in by giving us a call at 250 591 1018.

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