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Earn $50 Towards Your Eyeglasses Purchase

Is it time to book your next eye exam? Regular comprehensive eye exams are important for both adults and children to maintain healthy, clear and comfortable vision, and are recommended every 1-2 years.

A comprehensive eye exam takes about 30 minutes. At the end of your eye exam, if eyeglasses are required, our friendly team of opticians will help guide you through the frame selection process, show you the line of eyeglasses brands we carry and help you choose the right frames and lenses for your prescription and style.

Want to earn $50 credit towards your eyeglasses purchase of $200 or more?

Here’s how:

  1. Book a comprehensive eye exam ONLINE with Eye Plus Optometry + Optical

  2. Visit our optometrists at our Nanaimo, BC office and get a full eye exam

  3. Receive a $50 credit towards an eyeglasses purchase $200 or more!


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