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We are a new full-scope Nanaimo Optometry Clinic with a passion for Dry Eyes!


We offer varying hours to better suit the busy lifestyles we all share. From early mornings, evenings, and even weekends; Eye Plus has you covered.


Using the latest technology in eye care we provide full-scope examinations helping us diagnose, treat and manage various eye diseases.

All seniors 65+ and children under 19 will have a portion of their examination covered by Medical Service Plan (MSP). For those who have extended medical, we have direct billing!

As a full-scope Optometry Clinic in Nanaimo, BC, our opticians are equipped with a full range of spectacles and contact lenses to fit anyone’s needs.

At the end of your examination, our Team will assist you with the selection of your glasses and lenses. Our aim is to ensure you find the right fit whether it’s Progressives, Bifocals, or Single Vision Glasses.

Dr. Jassal has a special interest in Dry Eyes: Some patients experience symptoms that include gritty, irritated, red eyes; this can, be due to Dry Eye Syndrome.

Our team ensures a dry eye questionnaire and screening is included in your eye examination and offer products to manage this syndrome.  Talk to your eye doctor to see if a Dry Eye Assessment may be indicated for you.

Meet Your Team
Dr Jassal Team Photo.JPG

Dr. Gary Jassal

Dr Jassal began his Optometry journey in Birmingham, England, where he received his Professional Optometry designation from Aston University in 2014. Dr Jassal practiced Primary Care Optometry in various small, port cities throughout England before heading back to BC where he currently works on Vancouver Island with the lovely residents of Nanaimo.


Dr Jassal has been predominately helping ageing communities and has witnessed the physical barriers that countless patients have to overcome to visit the clinic. 


Dr. Vick Panesar

Dr. Vick Panesar, born and raised in Surrey, BC, received his professional Optometry designation from Aston University in 2013. Dr. Panesar provided care for patients in the surrounding cities of London, after which he has made the transition back to Canada. Within eye care, his special interests focus around dry eye disease and geriatric eye care.

Eye Plus Meet Ashley 1.JPG


Meet Ashley, our enthusiastic Optical Stylist. Born and raised on the island she loves coastal hikes, exploring, and reading. Pop in if you’re in need of a smile for the day!



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